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Martial arts is a great way for children to develop new skills away from a classroom environment,  it can increase confidence and self esteem, improve fitness, balance, co-ordination, discipline and more importantly..... burn off some of that endless energy!! Not to mention developing their self defence skills and awareness of 'stranger danger'.


Ninjalings is a class specifically for children, suited to those approximately aged 4-7 years, although other ages are welcome it can depend on the little ninja.

Ninjalings is run by Rach and supported by higher grade students, Dakota and Lucy.

We recognise that all children have their own way of learning and absorb information at different paces, this class allows the younger ones or those new to karate, a chance to develop skills at a steadier pace.

We also understand that children need things to be exciting and fun, this class involves a lot of 'play' in between the serious stuff, however play is focused on developing physical abilities such as balance, strength and fitness, following instructions and imagination. 

Children will learn simple, yet effective self-defence and break away techniques, and most importantly, develop confidence.

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