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"Started training at Raven at the beginning of 2015, and I can honestly say it's been one of the best decisions I have made.
The club welcomes ALL people and is dedicated to helping you achieve your goals, whatever they may be. Want to make martial arts a full time commitment? They will help you with that. Just want to focus on your fitness and build confidence? They will help just as equally with that, too.
Raven Defensive Arts has helped me to build confidence, determination and true grit. Its helped me lay a foundation for what I want to build for myself. The club has shown me nothing but kindness, respect and support, and they will do the same with ANYONE who walks through their doors, and as you get to know them they basically become second family.
I'm proud to be a Raven".


Adam before & after

"For me I have never felt confident but spent many a session watching my daughter wishing i could do it. I started after Rach mentioned the Saturday group. I felt so unfit to start. I had lost 1 stone in weight before starting but now have lost nearly 3 stone. It has been hard but I see changes in my body nowI have to believe in myself more, but with Raven by my side I can do it"



"I started last year on a Saturday morning, although i already did ballet and other dance classes, i felt uncomfortable going to a gym. I joined Raven and feel part of the family. My strength is evident and i feel happy in myself".


Lucy added an advanced session to her training programme

"Had a huge mental and physical journey with RDA, I'd already lost weight before I joined but its given me much more than just muscle tone and fitness; I've discovered confidence, strength and a fantastic group of people to train and socialise with. Wouldn't want to train with any other group"



"I've put on almost 2 stone, i'm the heaviest i've ever been at 70kg but i look so much healthier for it"


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