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Meet The Team


Pete McDonagh (5th Dan) 

Co-Founder, Instructor & PT

Pete is an experienced martial artist having trained for 30+ years.


Pete has competed nationally & internationally. He now uses this knowledge and experience to develop students fight skills, many of his students have gone on to compete and win medals.

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Rach Price (4th Dan) 

Co-Founder, Instructor & PT

 Rach's passion is for developing health and confidence. 

Rach is a qualified Mental Health Nurse, Health Visitor and PT, she uses this knowledge to develop physical and emotional wellbeing.

Rach is a keen promoter of equal rights

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Tom "Pricey" Price 

Kickboxing Instructor, Sports Massage Therapist and Physio

Pricey is one of our black belts. He is extremely springy and energetic. In 2016 he held a kickboxing championship title.

Pricey uses evasion and body mechanics to benefit students fight style. He also supports students with injuries and injury prevention. 


Ms Tiffany

Yoga Instructor

Tiffany is a motivational and encouraging yoga instructor.

Tiff has been instructing yoga for many years, her knowledge of developing strength, balance and flexibility has greatly benefitted students practice.


Aaron Huges

Capoeira Instructor

Aaron has trained in a wide variety of martial arts including karate, taekwondo and BJJ.

Aaron lives and breathes capoeira, his energy and passion are contagious and this is evident in the enjoyment he brings to classes.  


Mike Nussey (4th Dan) Assistant Instructor

Mike is an experienced martial artist and often stands in to cover classes when other instructors are unavailable.

Mike is passionate about traditional Wado Ryu karate, he assists students in developing the finer details of this fluid martial art. 


Rosie Bennett (1st Dan) Mentor

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